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Phil Morrison



Phil is the Founder and Managing Director of Scottish Trade Stationers.


Having gained an array of experience in different industries, Phil started his career in Sales at the age of 30 selling Life Insurance, Chemical Products and then finally made way his way into the stationery business when he began working as a Sales representative for the local papermill. Phil continued his career in the stationery trade and finally decided to start up his own business.


Phil has always been passionate about the products he sells and is driven on keeping his customers happy.


Having played in a band for many years, Phil is a talented musician. Outside of the stationery business, Phil still enjoys playing piano, guitar and singing along with his musical family!

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Michael Morrison


Michael is Sales Representative at Scottish Trade Stationers and Phil's son.


Michael has worked at Scottish Trade Stationers part-time since he was 16 years old, initially working in the warehouse and doing odd jobs around the office.


Before long, Michael started to show a keen interest in the Sales side of the business. Whilst working away at his other jobs, Michael always kept in with STS and helping his Dad out.


In October 2012, Michael officially became a full time Sales Rep within the company. Michael continues to work alongside his Dad to grow the business and maintain a friendly and reliable service to their customers!


When not out on the road selling stationery, like his Father, Michael can usually be found behind a piano, singing away to not only himself but to anyone who will listen!

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